Special Refractory Parts

We produce made-to-measure parts, in different shapes and sizes. always looking for innovation for better customer service.

Refractory Castables

Insulating refractory castables are made of light aggregates and previously selected to provide a product with low density and thermal conductivity. conventional refractory castables are made up of selected quality aggregates in the most diverse categories and homogenized with special cements.

Refractory Mortars

Are made of high quality raw material previously selected under strict quality control to obtain a perfect product.

Dry Vibrating Mass

Products used for dry monolithic coatings, applicable by vibration or deaeration through forking.

Refractory Plastic Masses

Are plastic masses supplied ready for use and allow the realization of monolithic coatings with the most varied forms.

Refractory Bricks

Refractory bricks are made up of highly selected raw materials and distributed in suitable granulometries to obtain a product with dimensional stability, physical and chemical resistance.

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