EKW DO BRAZIL is a company that was created on july 11, 2002, from the union of EKW GMBH (Germany) and Ceramic Ziegler (Brazil). EKW has over a hundred years of activity (since 1903), has a wide spectrum of products for the most diverse applications. the company relies on state-of-the-art technology, from the classification of raw materials to the packaging of the final product. Ziegler Ceramics, operated in the domestic market since 1929, offering formed refractory products. aiming at an improvement in its product line, it joined EKW and together they formed a new company: EKW do Brasil. one of the main objectives is to maintain quality and competitive cost for latin america and europe

EKW DO BRASIL currently serves the steel, lime and cement industries, chemical, thermoelectric, petrochemical, ceramic, food, paper, aluminum, glass industries, crystals, frits, forging and steelworks, ferrous and non-ferrous casting.


with a manufacturing and administrative field, EKW DO BRASIL comprises approximately 8,500m² and is located in the city of Pomerode/SC. the factory has intermittent ovens and modern equipment with high productivity, with a monthly production capacity of 1500 tons. in all, there are more than 100 employees involved.


EKW around the world
have we ever told you that we are the Brazilian cell of a world body? EKW GMBH has its headquarters located in Germany, but it expands to different parts of the globe, which brings us even more satisfaction and responsibility for representing our country.

Factories: France, Italy, Brazil, Slovenia, Turkey, Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Mexico
Offices: Egypt, China, Finland, Greece, Holland, Taiwan, Greece, Russia, Morocco, Portugal/Spain, Czech Republic/Slovakia.

EKW do Brasil
EKW do Brasil

Strategic Guidelines


- Ethics
- Respect
- Commitment

Quality policy

EKW seeks to be sustainable and a benchmark in the market, providing technical solutions in refractories and high temperature applications, meeting the requirements, promoting customer satisfaction through:
- Delivery of solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio
- Continuous improvement of processes.

Business (Value proposition)

Solutions and applications for high temperature


To provide technical solutions in refractories that contribute to lasting relationships with gains for both parties.


Reach 20 years of being a sustainable company and a cost-benefit reference in the markets in which they operate.


years in the market


tons manufactured monthly


EKW around the world


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